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Dow Industrial Average relative to legal holidays

Question from a subscriber: "Hey Joe, I just want to be prepared for the next legal holiday. I've been basically a Dow investor for years and now I've begun trading the Dow futures. Do you have any information about the Dow Industrial Average relative to legal holidays in the U.S?"

Thanks to Yale Hirsch's excellent "Stock Traders Almanac" for the following: "The Dow closes higher before one day holidays 67% of the time, and three day holidays 75% of the time. It closes on Friday greater than Thursday 57% of the time, but when Friday closes weaker than Thursday, it also closes lower on Monday 73% of the time. This study was based over 100 years' research."

If anyone knows where you can still get a copy of the almanac, please let me know. I have the above information only in my notes.



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Monday, 26 October 2020

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