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In and around Uruguay

Since I began trading for Instant Income, I have a lot of time to enjoy the tiny country of Uruguay.

There’s an old fort on high hill overlooking the estuary upon which Montevideo is situated. It is the widest estuary in the world, where the Rio de la Plata meets the Atlantic Ocean.  The Río de la Plata (Spanish: "Silver River") — which is often referred to in English-speaking countries as the River Plate, or sometimes as the La Plata River — is the estuary formed by the combination of the Uruguay River and the Paraná River. Broad, shallow, and muddy, it is a funnel-shaped inlet on the southeastern coastline of South America, extending 290 kilometers (180 mi) from the rivers' confluence to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Nearby is the port building where cruise ships come into Montevideo, and directly across from the port building is a large building that houses several restaurants. Those restaurants all have what is called a “parillero.” Beef, lamb, chicken, and pork are roasted over red hot coals. It’s a great place to eat.

A couple of times a month we get together with other ex-pats. Some from the US, some from Canada, and some from Germany. We took a group picture at one of the birthday parties. We are always looking for an excuse to have fiesta (party) in addition to our regular meetings.




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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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